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Psychic Journei Maree
Psychic Journei Maree - PIN 1029
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Hi, my name is Journei Maree, I am a Medium-Empath and I come from a long line of gifted Scottish-Irish psychic mediums. The ability to see runs through generations of my family.

I was born with the ability to hear spirits (clairaudient) and channel the departed. I can feel and sense them (clairsentient) as well as communicate with them, knowing what they want (Claircognizance).

My specialty is channeling since spirits are always in constant contact with me and with the added use of tools such as tarot, oracle, angle cards, pendulum and I am now adding compatibility by the numbers, I have been studying numerology for a bit now and I can verify your soulmate compatibility better than ever before.

I offer guidance, comfort and direction as well as readings of past lives, love, spiritual growth and to see what the near future holds.

With the help of my spirit guides and yours, I can set your life back on track, no matter the issue, family, love, friends, or work, I can help!
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About Psychic Journei Maree
Psychic Journei Maree has been a psychic on Soul 2 Path Psychics since 2022 and is one of our popular advisors.
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